The Best Wetsuits of 2020 – Mens and Womens models

best mens & womens wetsuits

Top Rated Wetsuits for Scuba Divers in 2020

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Below you will find our staff’s current top mens & womens wetsuits of 2020 list. This is a "live list" so it is updated regularly we we get more feedback and opinions from our staff! Luckily our divers are spread out across the globe so we get great opinions on various wetsuits that get stress tested in almost every climate imaginable. From the chilly Atlantic and Pacific, to the beautiful tropical waters of South East Asia. Choosing the right wetsuit for your needs is important for any serious diver and can greatly impact your enjoyment during a dive. Divers who tend to get cold easily should lean towards full length models, and perhaps a 5mm thickness for colder waters. For more tropical waters, a 3mm "shorty" might be fine for casual divers, or even just a simple rash guard depending on your personal preference. 

When we were creating this list we tried to find the best wetsuits that will be suited to a wide variety of diving conditions, so whatever your dive plans are, you should find a great wetsuit to fit your needs below. Be sure to check below for our top picks of neoprene booties for anyone diving with open heel scuba fins. Let's get to the list, Ladies first!

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Find the right wetsuit for your needs!

The Best Womens Wetsuits

ONeill Reactor 3mm Womens Wetsuit

ONeill wetsuits are some of the best on the market, favored by scuba divers, triathlon athletes and professional surfers. The Reactor womens wetsuit is mixes comfort and design extremely well. The heavier materials on the chest and back areas eliminate any chance of chafing from your BCD or surfboard. The high quality neoprene material will stand up against daily wear and tear, and provides a great range of mobility. Trish, one of our writers uses this exact wetsuit on an almost daily basis and swears by it. The 3mm model is great for anyone diving in warmer climates. This is one of our favorite womens wetsuits on the market at the moment. 

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Scubapro OneFlex 5mm Womens Wetsuit

For women who dive in colder waters and require a thicker diving suit, the Scubapro Oneflex is a great choice for anyone needing a 5mm thick wetsuit. Scubapro always makes some of the highest end gear, and the construction quality is tough rugged, while still maintaining a great fit. It has a durable nylon inner lining, and anti abrasion materials on the knees, while the seams are both sewn and glued to help prevent any leaks. This womens wetsuit is a fantastic choice for anyone who regularly dives in waters where a 3mm simply won't cut it.

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Ripcurl Womens Omega 3mm Wetsuit

The Ripcurl Omega is our close second choice for those looking for a  a 3mm fullbody wetsuit, it is extremely comfortable and looks fantastic is the bright color accents. The "Hydro-Lock" collar seal provides great leak protection and the light weight neoprene is surprisingly stretchy. It also comes in at a great price point which makes it attractive to first time buyers and if taken care of, should last you quite a while thanks to the high quality construction. This is one of the best price vs quality womens wetsuits you can find at the moment. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

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Cressi Lido 3mm Shorty Womens Wetsuit

For those diving in lovely tropical waters who need less protection from the elements, the Cressi Lido 3mm womens wetsuit should fit the bill perfectly! The front zipping design makes getting in and out of this wetsuit extremely quick and easy. The neoprene is extra soft and stretches nicely to fit comfortably, while the stitching is strong and designed to help retain the shape. We are big fans of a lot of Cressi scuba gear, and the Lido is no different. This shorty style wetsuit is perfect for anyone who loves to spend time in warmer waters, from surfing and snorkeling, to diving every day if you are lucky! Our top pick for any woman looking for a high quality shorty wetsuit that won't break the bank.

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The Best Mens Wetsuits

ONeill Reactor 3mm  Mens Wetsuit

Just like our favorite overall womens wetsuit, the male version of the O'Neill Reactor is one of the best all round situation wetsuits for men on the market. The strong mix of materials stretch to fit comfortably and the padded chest is a nice addition that adds durability. It also has an overwhelming amount of positive user reviews. The full body design makes it great for any situation where you will be in the water for extended periods of time, such as long dives or a full day of surfing the waves. Several of our contributors use the reactor on all their local dives and love it. One of the smartest options for anyone looking for the best all round mens wetsuit.

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HendersonThermoprene  3mm  Mens Wetsuit

This full body men's wetsuit from henderson is a close second for our top choice. Their custom "thermoprene" material is built off high end neoprene and a custom blend of other materials that make it far more stretchy . The neck, arm and leg seams are snug without being too restrictive and are great at avoiding leaks. The knees have a custom padding that is great for anyone who is spending time on a board or diving in corals. Overall a great bang for your buck for those looking for a great wetsuit to last them a long time!

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ONeill Hammer 3mm  Mens Wetsuit

The O'Neill Hammer wetsuit for men shares many of the awesome features of the Reactor we recommended above, combined with shorty style legs for warm water diving. This mens wetsuit is also popular among surfers due to the re-enforced chest that helps avoid abrasions, while the shorter legs can help keep you cool in warmer climates. A rock solid choice for any man looking for a high quality, versatile wetsuit at an affordable price. 

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And there you have it! Our current 2020 best wetsuits list. There are so many options when it comes to wetsuit choice out there and finding the right one can be a challenge, so hopefully you agree with our picks.  Happy travels under the waves!

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