Best Scuba Diving BCD Reviews 2015

scuba diving bcd reviews 2015

  2015 Scuba Diving BCD Review Guide – Scuba Diving Dreams

When looking to purchase your own scuba gear, a BCD is usually the next item divers tend to pick up after getting their first dive computer. One of the most integral pieces of scuba equipment, having a BCD that is both comfortable and reliable is extremely important. Having steady control over your buoyancy is a good way to help conserve air on a dive, and having a high quality BCD can mean the difference between a random equipment failure resulting in rocketing to the surface and risking decompression sickness or having an amazing dive!

Most entry level scuba divers tend to go with dive center rental equipment for their first few dives or if they are traveling. This is a great way to get hands on experience with various types of BCD’s and find a fit and brand that you like. However, most intermediate level divers know the comfort and piece of mind that comes with owning a reliable set of your own scuba gear. You will be aware of the continence history, be completely familiar with all the BCD functions such as dump valves, releases and weight systems of your BCD after several dives with it, which is a great confidence booster. For those that live near dive sites, owning your own gear is often makes sense, you avoid rental fees and are ready to go at a moments notice. For those that like to travel, we have reviewed several BCD options that fold up and are designed for the diver on the go. So check out our scuba BCD reviews to help you find the best buoyancy compensator package for your needs. Safe diving!

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 The Cressi Start is a fantastic low cost scuba BCD that is great for beginners or anyone looking for a basic recreational style buoyancy compensation device. It is made of ultra rugged Condura material and can take a thrashing. The simple design with 3 dump valves and durable construction make this one an ideal Scuba BCD choice for beginners, those on a budget, or dive centers who want to get the most out of their rental scuba gear. Read our full hands on review HERE 
 he Cressi Air Travel scuba BCD is one of the lightest, most portable BCDs you can find on the market today. This is ideal for any travel addict divers who wish to bring their own gear with them, folding up small enough to act as a carry on with the included travel bag. Despite it’s compact size and lightweight construction the Air Travel BCD is perfectly durable and provides all the features of a larger BCD. Read our full hands on review HERE 
 ScubaPro is a dive gear company any experienced diver is probably familiar with. They also have a pretty stellar reputation of putting out some of the highest quality scuba equipment on the market. When we got a chance to try out the Litehawk BCD we were expecting it to be good, but it really blew us away. This BCD jacket is all about the small details, from the lightweight design to the awesome bungee system that keeps it compact when deflated, the ScubaPro Litehawk is a fantastic travel BCD for intermediate to advanced divers. Read our full hands on review HERE