Top 10 Best Scuba Masks of 2024

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Top 10 Best Scuba Masks of 2024

Last Updated: March 13, 2024

Below you will find our staff’s current top 10 dive masks of 2024. It’s been a great year of diving so far and getting hands on time with some of the coolest scuba equipment out there has been a real pleasure! Choosing the right scuba mask whether you are diving or snorkeling on vacation can make all the difference between frustration and a fantastic experience. No one likes a foggy or leaky mask and relying on a dive shop to have one that works for you is never ideal. In order to make this top 10 scuba masks list, all masks had to satisfy certain requirements. Comfort, durability, construction quality and design were all factors. There is one mask not on our Top 10 dive masks list that deserves special recommendation. So much so that we named it our Best Scuba Mask of 2024…but hold onto your purse strings!

Ranked from divers scattered about the globe, these masks have been tested in various dive conditions and environments. From the tropical reefs of Belize to the majestic kelp forests of British Colombia soak in the view with ease. This is some of the best scuba equipment on offer. Any time something better comes along we will update this list with the latest and greatest scuba masks. Choosing your first dive mask as a beginner can be a little overwhelming, this top 10 best scuba & snorkel masks list is here to help you find the right scuba mask for your needs. Enjoy and of course…safe diving!

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Our Top Rated Dive Masks

Tusa M1001 Freedom HD Scuba Mask

Look at the size of that lens! A massive single lens that sits close to the face provides an HUGE field of view. The buckles can rotate 180 degrees and are extremely sturdy in our testing. One of the most comfortable masks we have ever got our hands on and the high quality lens really lets you enjoy the view. A very cool looking design and sturdy build, this would be recommended to anyone looking for a high quality scuba diving or snorkeling mask. A nice large nose pocket rounds out the design of this well thought out scuba mask nicely. One of the best dive masks for the money.

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ScubaPro Spectra Dive Mask

Any Serious diver knows that ScubaPro is one of the top names in scuba gear and this dive mask is no exception. A high end mask that offers amazing performance. Great field of view from the 2 tempered glass lenses. Large sized strap adjustment swivels ensure you are not left fumbling while adjusting your mask underwater. This is certainly a case of getting what you pay for and this premium quality mask does not disappoint in the slightest. Go for the tinted mirrored orange lenses if you want a really unique look and avoid surface glare. Like all ScubaPro gear its durability is unquestionable and great for serious divers. A close third in our top 10 best scuba masks list.

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Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Dive Mask

Who says a mask has to be expensive to be good?! An awesome  panoramic style mask for those who want to see all their surroundings. A 3 lens design made from tempered glass this mask holds up in the durability department and provides great peripheral vision. The split strap design helps to really keep an even seal around the skirt and keeps out leaks. The buckle system is easy to use and flexes with facial movement. One of the least foggy masks we tested for our top 10 scuba masks list and the best all round value for those on a budget. 

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ScubaPro Solo Scuba Diving Mask

We couldn't end this list with only one mask from ScubaPro! This is a great single lens mask with an amazing fitting silicone skirt that seals well even for those with facial hair. Extremely durable and sturdy build quailty, unless you lose it, this mask should last you a lifetime. Only drawback is the premium level price point but for sheer quality it can't be beat. For those divers looking to invest in their gear and really put it to the test. Truly one of the best scuba masks on the market.

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Mares I3 Sunrise Panoramic Scuba Mask

A popular scuba equipment brand, the Mares I3 Sunrise Panoramic comes is quickly rising through the ranks of our favorite scuba masks after some recent hands on time with it. Providing great peripheral vision it's great for people with wider faces that can have a hard time finding a dive mask that fits perfectly. The X shaped mask strap is great at creating an even seal alongside the super soft silicone skirt (clear recommended for an extra wide open feel). The quick adjust buckles on the strap make adjusting this mask mid dive a breeze. A great balance between price and performance, you can also find it bundled with a matching dry snorkel.

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Cressi Big Eyes Scuba Mask

Another Cressi Mask to join the ranks of our top rated scuba masks. If you have been diving for a while you have probably come across at least one person using this mask. The extra large lenses provide great visibility. It is an extremely comfortable scuba mask to wear and the low volume design makes it great for scuba, snorkelling and also free diving. The inverted tear drop shaped lenses give you an expanded view downwards, perfect for easy descents and reef dives where the action is happening below you. A great intermediate mask. Like most mid range dive masks you can also get a snorkel bundle set.

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Cressi Panoramic Scuba Mask

The first time you dive with a wide view dive mask is a real eye opener! The difference that having peripheral vision makes is astounding and is the main draw of this mask. It is surprising what a difference an extra lens on each side can make in immersing you in your dive. A great fitting mask and made with a super strong polycarbonate frame and sweet price point, this one is easy to see why it makes our top rated scuba masks list.  You can also read our full hands on review HERE.

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Atomic Aquatics Framless Dive Mask

Much like ScubaPro gear, this is definitely another case of getting what you pay for. The frameless design means it's a low volume mask with great field of view, which also makes it perfect for freediving. Edging more to the pro side of gear, this is great for anyone looking to really invest in their scuba equipment. Large button style strap adjustment makes things easy, while a smaller skirt means it sits closer to your face. The sleek design helps reduce drag and the nose pocket fit like a dream. The main drawback is the price point which might be too much for some beginners looking for their first mask, which is why only takes the #5 spot on our top 10 best scuba masks list.

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Octomask GoPro Dive Mask

When we first got hands on with this mask, we were a little skeptical. It seemed like a gimmick but we came at it with an open mind. Turns out, this mask is actually pretty awesome. Having your hands free during your dive while capturing footage from a first person perspective can make a very cool dive video. The build quality and visibility are surprisingly good and based on some fantastic user reviews we decided to include it in our best scuba mask list. A good mask is a good mask and this is no exception. You can read our full hands on Octomask GoPro Dive Mask HERE.

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Oceanic Mako Dive Mask

Another premium quality mask at a decent discount that caught our eye recently. Solid construction with a low volume design makes clearing this mask easy and provides a wide field of view for a non panoramic mask. Strong tempered glass lens and one of the softest skirts out of all the dive masks on this list. With the Oceanic Mako, keeping the strap fairly loose provides the best seal an minimizes any leaks. The neoprene strap cover is also a nice touch. Comes with a hard shell protective case for easy travel/storage. An excellent intermediate piece of dive gear worthy of our best scuba masks list!

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Single or Dual Lens Dive Masks...Which is Better?

We get emails all the time asking about which style of scuba diving mask is better, a single large front lens, or a two lens design. Our answer is...whatever you prefer! The most important thing is that the mask is comfortable and fits your face correctly. Dual lens masks can sometimes be lower volume which is nice if the glass sits closer to your eyes, but in general the difference is not usually too noticeable between one lens or two. One thing to note is, that if you require prescription glasses, it is much easier to find a prescription dive mask with 2 replaceable lenses, due to the fact that each eye can require a different level of lens correction.

Lens SIZE one the other hand can make a big difference. If your diving mask is too small, it can cause a claustrophobic feeling due to the silicone skirt and frame obscuring your peripheral vision. Panoramic style masks can help certainly help alleviate this problem, but in that case you might have a small seam in the corners where the side lenses join which can sometimes cause minor distortion. This isn't too big of a problem for most people, but some divers don't like this effect.

The Best Way To Avoid Leaks And Fogging

A leaking mask is one of the quickest ways to make a fun dive go from enjoyable to down right annoying. The constant drip of water running down your face and pooling in at the bottom, forcing you to clear it every couple minutes. There are several things you can do to minimize the chance of leaks, and the first thing we recommend is to loosen your mask strap. That's right, loosen it up. Having your scuba mask strap too tight forces the skirt to splay out and can actually cause leaks. Many pro level divers wear their mask relatively loose, as the pressure underwater will keep it firmly in place. You can even use a dive mask without a strap if it happens to break mid dive, just keep your head tilted at least 45 degrees downward to force the pressure against your face. Obviously if you look upwards the air inside the mask will lift if from your face, but we have met a few divers who have had to do this! Unfortunately for those with facial hair, leaks are going to be more of an issue than those who are clean shaven, but that's just the cost of lookin' good! There is a silicone paste you can use that helps to maintain a seal a bit however, but there is no perfect solution for divers yet.

A foggy mask can actually be dangerous as it takes more time to clear and can really obstruct your vision, making it easy to lose your dive buddy or lose track of your depth level as you fiddle with it trying to clear and clean it. Not fun. The most common ways divers keep their mask from fogging up is a quick drop of regular ol' dish soap on each lens before each dive. spread it around and then give it a quick rinse before descending and you should be good to go. We met quite a few divers that carry quick spit anti fog sprays in their dive bag, it tends to be fairly cheap and the small bottle is easy to bring with you when you travel.  

Quick Tip: Scuba Mask Cleaning And Care

Almost every diver knows to rise their gear after every dive, especially those diving in salt water. Your dive mask is no exception, so be sure to thoroughly rinse it EVERY time! Anyone who travels a lot and has been stuck with a rental mask has most likely noticed salt buildup in the seams and general disrepair. This is never a good sign, so switch the mask if you can. That is why owning your own scuba mask is so great, if you treat it well it should last you many enjoyable adventures underwater. 30 seconds of rinsing can help it stay in top shape for years to come. Always leave it in an open air space to dry, or it will quickly start to stink. Finally, avoid leaving your mask out in the sun, this can damage the plastic and silicone over time, leading to fading, warping or cracking of the skirt. Just let it dry and then toss it back in your dive bag!

And there you have it! Our current 2024 Top 10 favorite diving masks. There are literally hundreds of scuba diving and snorkel masks out there and finding the right one can be a challenge, so hopefully you agree with our choices. Do you think a certain mask deserves a spot on our top rated scuba masks list? Leave a comment below and we will do our best to give it a thorough testing! Happy travels under the waves!

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