Cressi Panorama Wide View Mask & Dry Snorkel Review

cressi panorama 3 window mask review

Cressi Panoramic 3 Window Mask & Dry Snorkel Review

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 It is amazing the difference having extended peripheral vision during a dive can make. The Cressi Panoramic wide view mask (what a mouthful) provides you with a second set of lenses on either side of the main lens to allow you to see the underwater world in more detail. The classic teardrop lens design provides a great field of view and a surprisingly “wide open” feeling with the improved peripheral vision compared to standard scuba mask design. This was a major reason we named it one of our Top 10 scuba masks of 2015.

The difference is apparent the moment you dive overboard, whether you are snorkeling or scuba diving. The mask itself is built up to the high quality Cressi standards, and the frame is extra and durable with a super soft silicone skirt. This  panoramic dive mask provided a great seal during our testing and was one of the most leak free masks we have gotten our hands on. There was very little issues with fogging which was great as that is the other major annoyance factor when it comes to finding a decent scuba mask. The Cressi panorama performed well out of the box without even having to do the usual toothpaste scrub or lighter trick.

It seems Cressi has been taking some ques from Atomic Aquatics when it comes to their buckle design, going for a larger, chunky strap buckle system. This makes adjusting the mask mid dive  super easy as you don’t have to fumble with small strap clips. We wish this would be come an industry standard for strap systems and other manufacturers could do well to follow suit. The mask strap itself is a great design that provides even an even seal due to it’s larger surface area vs some single strap designs.


Lets talk about the bundled dry snorkel. It works exactly as it should. The dry snorkel system is great for keeping waves from splashing sea water down your throat while on the surface, and the purge valve design makes clearing the snorkel of any water effortless. The flexible design makes it easy to adjust and we like the fact it didn’t feel like it was jamming the silicone mouthpiece into our mouths. It’s not an amazingly complex snorkel design but it really doesn’t need to be, with fantastic performance for beginners or pros alike. A comfortable snorkel is important for anyone spending extended time adventuring in the ocean.

The low volume design on this 3 window panoramic dive mask makes it nice and easy to clear and equalize, which is great for freediving, snorkeling and scuba diving. There is some minor lens distortion in the corner lens seams but nothing too intense as to be a problem. The Cressi Panorama 3 window mask is competitively priced and can be found bundled with a dry snorkel. This is one of the best masks you can find online for under $50, and it includes a high quality dry snorkel.

Our Rating:

scuba mask review 4 stars

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  • Wide panoramic view gives amazing peripheral vision
  • No leaks, very little fogging
  • Snorkel stays dry when snorkeling
  • Ergonomic snorkel design
  • Easy to clear


  • Minor lens distortion on seams
  • silicone skirt can sit too low on some people’s upper lip

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