Suunto Zoop Dive Computer Review

suunto zoop dive computer review

Suunto Zoop Dive Computer Review

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The Suunto Zoop is another great entry level dive computer, similar to the Cressi Leonardo (read our review here). Similar in design this computer offers a large display (40mm) and is extremely easy to read at a glance. Everything is well laid out and there is no weird abbreviations like some computers tend to have. The menu system is fairly easy to navigate and all the buttons and functions are nicely labeled. The Suunto Zoop is a well made dive computer for those not looking to break the bank.  While being fairly basic, it does have both Air and Nitrox (21% to 50%) operating modes. You cannot switch gas modes underwater however, which is a bit limiting. It also has a time of day display, but it is far too big to be worn as a daily watch. The display also shuts off after 5 minutes of inactivity which is nice to help conserve battery power while on the surface.

In terms of an internal dive log memory, the Zoop comes equipped with a 50 hour dive log. The log starts automatically upon contact with water, which is nice. You can upload it to your PC or Mac with the optional USB Transfer kit. This is a great feature it’s predecessor The Gekko did not have. Very nice for those who like to keep a digital dive log. In other user features, you have the option to set the profile to a more conservative decompression model, great if you are doing many dives in one day and want that extra level of conservatism.


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A little big for a watch…

The Zoop comes with a very readable N2 loading bar graph which is nice and chunky, and very readable. Visually this is a very sporty looking dive computer and the bright bezel colors make it easy to see underwater, great for helping your dive buddy identify you if you are diving as a group. The rubber wrist start was a little thinner than similar large computers in its class but we had no issue with it. For the price point, the construction is solid and the high density plastic can take a beating. Of course being an entry level dive computer there is no air integration or digital compass options available like some high end computers, but for anyone who “just wants to dive” these expensive options are unnecessary. Overall we had a great time with it during our Suunto Zoop dive computer review testing. It performs exactly as you would expect and is nice and reliable.

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Suunto Zoop Review Score:

suunto zoop dive computer review score

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Final Thoughts

What you see is what you get with this entry level dive computer. Very user friendly and easy to navigate. Lacking some of the other more advanced features higher end dive computers have but the simplicity makes it great for beginner divers. Thanks for checking out our Suunto zoop dive computer review!


  • The price
  • Large display
  • Easy to navigate menus
  • Great for beginners
  • Long lasting, durable design.


  • Too basic for advanced divers
  • Can’t switch gas types underwater
  • Not a viable daily watch option
  • No advanced features



  • Algorithm:  RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model)
  • Audible Alarms: Yes
  • Depth Display:  To 328 Feet (99 Meters)
  • Altitude Adjustable: Yes
  • Operating Modes: Air or Nitrox
  • Back Light: Yes
  • Onboard Compass: No
  • Memory Capacity:  50 Hours
  • Time, Date & Temperature: Yes
  • Imperial/Metric Display: Yes
  • Battery: 3 Volt CR2450 Battery

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