Mares Matrix Dive Computer Review at a Glance

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Mares Matrix Dive Computer Review: Compact powerhouse?

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The Mares matrix has a boatload of features packed into it’s compact unit. Our first impressions were, this is a slick looking dive computer that also looks great as a daily watch (analogue or digital). 4 well labled buttons and an intuitive menu, make it extremely easy to program for anyone who picks it up. Lets talk about the screen. For providing so much info at once it amazingly remains readable. This is in part thanks to the reverse highlighted no deco area that helps break the critical info into separate areas and is instantly readable. We wish more dive computers took this approach as the contrast makes it easy to check your no deco with only a quick glance. The N2 Bar graph is also easy to read, unlike some of today’s dive computers where they are too small, with large chunky visuals for quick reference.

There are a ton of options to customize this dive computer before you set out, you can toggle the audio alarms on and off, set 2 timezones, and you can program up to 3 different gas mixes in a single dive. The Mares Matrix Dive Computer calculates the decompression schedule accordingly, so that you can take advantage of decompressing with high oxygen concentration mixes, which makes it great for extended deep dives or tec diving. Of course there are Air and Nitrox modes as well as a gauge mode available.

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proud scuba diver even on the surface

Falling on the mid to high range dive computer spectrum, it comes equipped with a built in compass which is always a great tool to have. The nice thing about this one is it looks and behaves like a physical compass which makes using it extremely easy, while at the same time there is still room to display critical info. This makes it great for divemasters leading groups or anyone doing underwater navigation on a regular basis, and hands down the best compass in its class. Another very cool feature is Mares unique In Case of Emergency function (ICE) which can be programmed to display your personal info, emergency contact numbers, insurance policy info and even allergies. A feature we all hope to never use but very cool to have should the worst happen. As far as we know this is one of the few dive computers on the market to have this feature.

A rechargeable Lithium Ion battery means you can quickly charge your Mares Matrix dive computer up at the start of a dive trip or in between dives so you can dive with confidence. Speaking of diving with confidence, the Matrix leans towards a more conservative algorithm with multiple altitude settings and 2 additional optional safety levels. Did we mention it looks slick as a wrist watch? The polished metal bezel and scratch resistant tempered mineral glass display are extremely durable and held up to quite a thrashing over the course of our testing. This high end dive computer was one of the teams favorites when we got to try it out in several dives in Costa Rica. So much so one of our team visibly grimaced when he had to switch back to his Cressi Leonardo.

One drawback we have heard divers experience is a shortened battery life after a while, much like a phone or any lithium ion based battery device. This can be cause by either constantly plugging in the computer, or recharging it after only using a small portion of the battery, just like your phone. It does have an off function you can use to save battery life while not diving but in our testing it for our mares matrix dive computer review we did not encounter these issues.

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Final Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read our Mares Matrix Dive Computer review, and hopefully you found it helpful. We highly recommend this to anyone looking for a feature packed, advanced diving computer. You can read our full in depth Mares Matrix Dive Computer Review HERE


  • Packed with features
  • Easy to read display
  • Fantastic onboard compass
  • ICE (in case of emergency) function
  • 3 Programmable gas mixes
  • Durable bezel and glass
  • Looks slick


  • Some users reported shortened battery life over time
  • Rubber wrist strap given the price (stainless one is available though)
  • too complex for beginners
  • No air integration


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